Journal Entries

Monday, November 29, 2010


Groom and I spent another weekend selling our jewelry at the Eugene Holiday Market. We tend to move a little slower on Monday mornings, relishing a moment or two of not having to rush, although we have already started the process of creating stock for next weekend.

The main dress-up theme for yesterday was “Pirate Day,” although any and all costumes, attire and ensembles are welcome, just as long as you wear something. Saturday got a bit exciting when one man slipped a little on his reality and started undressing, but no worries, security is used to at least one person each year feeling the need to streak and it was handled gracefully.

Speaking of slipping, I came home Saturday evening and received a dreaded phone call that my 79-year old mother slipped and fell in the shower and slammed her spine on the edge of the porcelain tub and then lunged forward, hitting her head. My father was calling from the ER while she was having a computerized axial tomography scan (or CAT).

Thank God nothing is broken, but I was quite shaken. I tried to fall asleep Saturday night, but I kept seeing images of my poor mama slipping and falling over and over again. She has a giant purple goose egg on her forehead. Shudder.

In the spirit of keeping this light, short and not burdening you with all my current emotions, I will simply mention that I’m about to get a massage, take a soothing hot shower and cuddle up with Groom, a movie and a cup of tea. Mondays, what’s not to love?


  1. sounds like the perfect way to finish a long run of high energy events. enjoy!

  2. Shudder indeed. I hope your dear Mother is better.

    You are making me miss the Holiday Market.