Journal Entries

Friday, November 19, 2010

Set-up Day at Holiday Market

Today was set-up for the Eugene Holiday Market, which starts tomorrow and runs every weekend through Christmas Eve. Groom and I arrived at 11am, when the main hall of the Lane County Fairgrounds was relatively empty. Although it was raining, we found the perfect parking spot and an empty cart to haul our booth accoutrements. For vendors, this is exciting stuff.

This is the tape marking our booth. We’re #190 and I always look forward to the message written on it. “Wecome home.” How sweet is that?

It took us six hours from start to finish, two hours longer than I had anticipated, but we recently purchased two free standing glass cases, so there was a new layout to try. We’ll see tomorrow how it works when the event opens.


  1. Happy Selling and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for friends like the two of you.

  2. The booth was Gorgeous! You two did a Fantastic job! The flow was wonderful ~ and there was great openness that allowed for easy viewing for all of your fine pieces of art. Very Elegant, Sheik and Inviting ~ One's imagination could carry them away in a booth like yours ~ to a new land, and a different time. Lord knows each piece alone holds its own sort of magic. For those who've created them have known their own journeys, picking up treasure in troves where ever they've roamed & placing pieces of their hearts inside each. How truly inspiring!