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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome To Our New Blog Address

Welcome to the first posting of our newly renovated blog. Our logo has had a makeover and we’re in the process of updating our website, establishing an Etsy store and starting a Facebook  business page all while creating our spring collection for the 2011 jurying process AND making jewelry for the Holiday Market which opens this Saturday, November 20th at the Lane County Fairgrounds. Come and visit us if you’re in the area.
This picture was taken by photographer Octavia Hunter. You can see why the logo’s top hat was a natural choice. For those of you familiar with us, you’ll recognize Groom and me. If you’re new to Cinderella Lucinda, then this is an opportunity to introduce ourselves. Please wander about the blog as we’ve updated our profile (About the Artists) and added a feature or two.   Cheers!


  1. oy yes...this is fantastic. perfect choice of image to debut the new design/blog/everything!

    heck yeah! congratulations! :)

  2. Lovely! Congratulations and good luck. Much Love.

  3. The site is just So Beautiful and So Very Uniquely You! Super excited for all that is to come for you both and the business. Many blessings in the new year ahead! Big, Big Love

  4. Ps ~ STUNNING PHOTO!!! I Love it, muah xoxo